OzLINK® Solutions for eCommerce

Connect eCommerce into your Order Management and Shipping Process

eCommerce is a rapidly growing segment of your business. Your expanding channels could include eBay, Amazon, and your own web store. Many businesses are now running multiple web stores on platforms such as Magento or Volusion to create more targeted and differentiated brands. OzLINK can automate the process by integrating your eCommerce platforms into your ERP and UPS WorldShip applications. With OzLINK you can:

  • Update your eCommerce platform real time with order status and tracking
  • Synchronize pricing and inventory availability between your ERP and eCommerce applications
  • Cut down on manual steps and error prone data entry processes

View a demo of OzLINK eCommerce solutions below.

OzLINK for Magento and Quickbooks

OzLINK Options and Capabilities:

With OLINK you can enhance your eCommerce order management process with the following capabilities:

  • Pull orders from your eCommerce applications and process them real time in UPS WorldShip.
  • Dynamically write back tracking, costs, and order statuses to your ERP and eCommerce applications
  • Generate bar code pick lists and master pick lists to streamline fulfillment
  • Leverage business rules to select the right UPS services and control costs

OzLINK solutions for eCommerce are provided as part of the OzLINK Custom product.