OzLINK® Solutions for QuickBooks

A\Integrate QuickBooks into your Order Management and Shipping Process

Regardless of whether your orders are entered into QuickBooks at order entry or they come in from your eCommerce channels, OzLINK can automate the process by integrating QuickBooks with your eCommerce applications and UPS WorldShip. With OzLINK you can:

  • Cut down on clerical data entry and errors
  • Improve QuickBooks shipping with out-of-the-box integration to UPS WorldShip
  • Increase warehouse efficiencies with new capabilities such as bar code scanning and branded customer e-mails.

View some OzLINK solutions for QuickBooks below.

OzLINK Pro for Quickbooks Users
OzLINK for Magento Users

OzLINK Options and Capabilities:

There are two OzLINK products to automate your QuickBooks order management process:

  • OzLINK for UPS Pro OzLINK for UPS Pro provides an out-of-the-box integration for QuickBooks. It can be activated and operational in less than 15 minutes. Pricing starts at $29.95 per month per ship station.
  • OzLINK for UPS Custom provides advanced integration with eCommerce applications and UPS Worldship. Additional capabilities include business rules, branded e-mails, and bar code scanning..

OzLINK creates savings and operational improvements for hundreds of QuickBooks customers.

If QuickBooks and UPS WorldShip is not integrated in your warehouse, start today with a free 30 day trial of OzLINK Pro.