Advanced Training for OzLINK Plus

OzLINK® Plus is an advanced rating and batch shipping tool for UPS customers. With OzLINK Plus you can leverage the power of Excel to perform batch shipping, batch rating, time-in-transit analysis, and tracking.

In this complementary 60 minute training session you will learn the basics through advanced use of OzLINK Plus. The first 30 minutes will be training and you will learn how to:

  • Execute basic batch rating, address validation, shipping, and tracking from Excel
  • Map your Excel template to UPS WorldShip®
  • Use your Quantum Manager data to rate outsourced shipment
  • Analyze time in transit information to assess best UPS service
  • Perform origin analysis comparing costs, time in transit, service.

In the remaining 30 minutes, we will address a user submitted scenario as a workshop, sharing the result with all attendees.

Register today for one of our 11:30 a.m. EST Thursday sessions

  • No future sessions have been scheduled. Please check back soon.
UPS Batch Training