Compare OzLINK® for UPS Features

Whether you’re in the front office or back office, OzLINK for UPS is the right tool for the job. Compare the features to our OzLINK for UPS solutions below to discover which one is right for you. OzLINK for UPS is the fastest way to rate, ship and track with UPS. It is also the easiest way to check delivery times and validate addresses to ensure your packages arrive exactly where and when they are needed.

Feature Free Plus Pro Custom
Rating Free
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Show Both Negotiated & List Rates Side-By-Side
Multi-piece or Hundredweight
Handling Charges
Third Party Billing
Batch Excel Based
Advanced Business Rules
Handling Fee Per Service
Shipping Free Plus Pro Custom
Single Piece
Worldship Integration Excel Based
Combined Pack Slip & UPS Label
Advanced Business Rules
Integration Free Plus Pro Custom
UPS Rating & Time in Transit
ERP/Accounting Quickbooks, NetSuite See List
eCommerce See List
Delivery Free Plus Pro Custom
Address Validation City, State Street Level Street Level Street Level
Proof of Delivery
Bulk Tracking
e-mail Notifications
Pro Number Tracking