Advanced UPS WorldShip® Integration 

OzLINK Custom for UPS provides advanced integration to the broadest set of applications in the market. OzLINK Custom for UPS streamlines your shipping operation and automates your most complex business rules and fulfillment processes. View a few examples below of how OzLINK Custom for UPS solutions have been utilized.

OzLINK Custom Users

    OzLINK Custom MAS 90 and 200 Users

OzLINK Custom for UPS provides two way integration with the ability to write back accurate shipping charges and tracking numbers to your back end system.

Furthermore, with OzLINK Custom for UPS you can:
      Ship with all UPS package services including UPS SurePost, Mail Innovations, and UPS Freight 
      Automate simple to complex business rules such as handling multiple billing types and automated service selection 
      Create an all-in-one packing slip and shipping label 
      Barcode scanning based packing validation

OzLINK Custom for UPS is delivered remotely by the Oz Professional Services Group.  The proven implementation standards of OzLINK Custom for UPS create a solution that is easily supported, easily upgraded, and installed in half the time needed by most other custom solutions.

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