OzLINK® for UPS Solutions Overview

OzLINK for UPS Has the Solutions to Improve Your Fulfillment Process
OzLINK for UPS integrates your business from the front office through shipping. Regardless of your role there is an OzLINK solution that is right for you.


OzLINK for UPS – Provides basic rating, time in transit, address validation, and tracking for the front office.

OzLINK Plus for UPS – Provides advanced rating showing shipping margin, time in transit, street level address validation, and drop shipment rating. Perform multi-piece rating and shipping with international origins and destinations, and batch processing with Excel®.

OzLINK Pro for UPS – Provides pre-built integration between NetSuite® or QuickBooks® and UPS WorldShip. This solution is ideal for shipping and fulfillment operations where volumes have grown creating a shipping bottleneck.

OzLINK Custom for UPS – Is the most advanced UPS WorldShip shipping integration solution. This is ideal for integration to virtually any back end solution, and can handle the most complex business rules.