Integrate the Front Office with UPS
The OzLINK for UPS free version is a tool designed specifically to improve operations for your front office. This introductory version of OzLINK for UPS gives you access to the key information to help quote shipping costs, offer the correct delivery options, and confirm delivery dates. Once you download OzLINK for UPS you automatically receive a 15 day free trial of OzLINK Plus for UPS and OzLINK Pro for UPS.

OzLINK for UPS Rating

With OzLINK for UPS an account representative can:

  • Rate shipments across services such as UPS Ground, UPS Air, and UPS Freight offerings
  • Obtain accurate time in transit information to select the best option for your customer
  • View either published rates or negotiated rates
  • Validate city, state, zip code to minimize costly address errors
  • Easily track packages by either tracking number, PRO number, or reference number

OzLINK for UPS is FREE, and is being used by thousands of companies.