OzLINK® Plus for UPS

Gain More Visibility & Control with UPS
In addition to the many features OzLINK for UPS offers, OzLINK Plus for UPS provides advanced capabilities for the front office. You will receive all the features of the OzLINK for UPS free version plus:

  • More visibility in to shipping cost detail
  • Ability to manage your fulfillment process more efficiently
  • Instant visibility to drop ship rates

View some of the top OzLINK Plus product features below.

OzLINK for UPS Rating
OzLINK for UPS Rating

With OzLINK Plus for UPS You Can:

  • See your published and negotiated rates side by side
  • Rate international origins and destinations
  • Batch process shipments right from Excel, including rating, address validation, shipping, and tracking
  • Perform street level address validation
  • Validate residential addresses
  • Obtain instant access to proof of delivery
  • $15.95 monthly subscription for 1 user, $39.95 monthly subscription for 25 users

The Excel based batch processing is a unique capability that can save your team hours and hours of time, while improving customer service and controlling costs.

Download OzLINK for UPS today and try OzLINK Plus for UPS free for 30 days.